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Six to Midnight…People love to ask us, “What is that?” “Do you start at Six?” “Are you done at Midnight?” “What does it mean?” Originally, it had no meaning–it was just the catchiest name we could think of. Believe us when we say, we wish the story was more exciting. Over time; though, we’ve become the party band around town like nothing you’d ever expect from a cover band. I guess what we’re saying is, we’d like to think of ourselves as the party guys that just rolled in to make the night come alive!

So what do you play? Everything. No, seriously… Everything. 60’s? Yes. 80’s? Yes. That hit that just came out last week from Justin Timberlake? Yes. That one country song everyone likes to sing at bar close? Yes. If there’s a hook and you know it, we’re playin’ it. No gimmicks, no costumes, just a bunch of music loving guys in jeans; with some really bad jokes.

Our friends tell us they’ve never seen the clubs we party at more packed and we seem to pick up a lot of friends along the way, I guess that’s not a bad thing now that we’re thinking about it.. Now I know you’re wondering, where can you see us? Where can’t you see us is probably the better question! County fairs, street dances, clubs, bars, weddings, special events! We do it all and the party is just getting started, so..shall we?


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Sat, Jul 31, 21Private Event7:00pm
Sat, Aug 7, 21Project KLe Mars, IA7:00pm
Fri, Aug 13, 21Ted's TimberlodgeHolcombe, WI9:00pm
Sat, Aug 14, 21Ted's TimberlodgeHolcombe, WI9:00pm
Fri, Aug 20, 21Bunker Hills Cannon RunCazenovia, WI9:00pm
Sat, Aug 21, 21Whitehall Beef & Dairy DaysWhitehall, WI8:00pm
Sat, Aug 28, 21Private Event7:00pm
Sat, Sep 4, 21Prentice Progress DaysSt. Prentice, WI8:00pm
Sat, Sep 11, 21The Friendly BuffaloBig Lake, MN9:00pm
Sat, Oct 16, 21Bayview Bar Onamia, MN9:00pm



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